Wednesday, July 2, 2008


Getting ready for the long weekend, and appreciating flowers, herbs, fresh veggies and beautiful gardens. 
The weekend calls for a trip to the farmers market and some fresh flowers for the table. 
We have been using some of the herbs we planted and I am appreciating how they add such an amazing flavor and beauty to a meal. Lemonade mixed with club soda and some fresh mint is to die for....Fresh Mozzarella and tomatoes and a piece of basil before the olive oil and vinegar..
More herbs to discover. 

I came across these two amazing books last year, and pulled them out this morning. 
Plot and Dig are both visually appealing and help you plan and create a simple and wonderful garden wherever you are. The approach is so straightforward but is incredibly inspiring. I felt as though I had a coach or professional mentor!
Thank you to Meredith Kirton for making for showing us all how approachable and rewarding the dirt can be. 

This weekend...stop, and truly smell the roses.  

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