Thursday, September 24, 2009


So yes, I am on a budget, and yes, after a year of wearing my husbands clothes, the same outfit repeatedly and full enjoying all of the foods that I desired a little bit of a wardrobe update is in order. The funny thing is, I also think of myself a bit differently and the desire is to have a bit of uniform with fewer pieces and things that I love. I think back at some of the splurges I have made and realize it is those lovely few pieces, mixed with my Levi's and J Crew knit tops that have become the base of this look. Ironically as well-trying things I would never have tried before..Hmmm more on that later.

Given the economic enviornment, pretty easy to do all of this on a tight budget.
In any event, as I thought about the slim jeans I wanted to wear ( and the fantastic Citizens Avedon Jeans I was gifted from a dear old friend ) I knew that the splurge of the season would be some great black boots. Alas, perfection. Landed on an authentic dress riding boot from Ariat. Can't wait for these to arrive. Why find some "version" that has been redone when you can have the real deal?

Check them out here..

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Shabby Chic Couture

Life has a funny way of happening, and when one is true to one self, seriously the right path unfolds.
Was so disappointed when I had heard that Shabby Chic was closing, so many reasons, and most of all a sign of the economic times in more ways then we could know. At the heart of it all, a really talented woman, who knows what she loves and worked for years to bring it to life.
Was thrilled when I started to hear rumblings, and then got the email that the LA store was opening and NYC would soon follow. Happy for her and to see what treasures were in store for me as well! I also missed the energy and people that would often visit our store ( we are neighbors on Montana Ave in Santa Monica ) before or after a visit to Shabby Chic.

Happened to be in LA last week, and had the chance to stop by. It is the perfect shop..true to Shabby Chic yet updated in the perfect way, love the raw wood pieces, as always the upholstered finds and the scale and freshness of it all. This book is sure to be added to my library, and I can't wait to go to one of her book signings.

Most of all, I salute Rachel as she built and rebuilt her dream.
Check out her blog here..she shares the journey...

Friday, September 18, 2009


So, we have a wedding to go to this weekend, and as usual wondered what to wear. Was in LA for the day and ran into a friend who has fantastic taste. I had stopped for a moment to get a bite to eat, and the next thing you know, was standing in Calyspo, staring at this stunning dress. With her encouragement, and I admit a very reasonable price tag hanging in front of me, I slipped into the fitting room and tried it on. Perfection. The photo does not do it justice. Trust me, on the beach with flats, or all dressed up a piece of heaven for a mere $225.00

Meanwhile Calypso is so nicely updated these days, I am crazy for this sweater also.

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Isle Jacobsen Boots

I have coveted my Hunter boots for 5 years...Wearing them from the first rain to the end of Winter ( don't laugh, there is a winter in California! )
Year one was all about the Green, a versatile color that worked with everything. Then, for Christmas a few years ago, My mother in law gave be a pair in Navy. Also, perfect..and easy to wear with dark jeans, sweaters and jackets from November until the end of February. Both of these boots have gotten more wear then any other shoes I have owned and I might add, saved many a shoe I did own and use to wear in the rain.
Alas, I am setting myself up for a purchase. Validating how these will also be as coveted, used and adored. This pair of wellies from Isle Jacobsen is just a step forward from the traditional. Imagining them in Black, I love the idea of a little update and additional color...Should I or Shouldn't I?

You can get them here or check out all of her styles here
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