Saturday, September 12, 2009

Isle Jacobsen Boots

I have coveted my Hunter boots for 5 years...Wearing them from the first rain to the end of Winter ( don't laugh, there is a winter in California! )
Year one was all about the Green, a versatile color that worked with everything. Then, for Christmas a few years ago, My mother in law gave be a pair in Navy. Also, perfect..and easy to wear with dark jeans, sweaters and jackets from November until the end of February. Both of these boots have gotten more wear then any other shoes I have owned and I might add, saved many a shoe I did own and use to wear in the rain.
Alas, I am setting myself up for a purchase. Validating how these will also be as coveted, used and adored. This pair of wellies from Isle Jacobsen is just a step forward from the traditional. Imagining them in Black, I love the idea of a little update and additional color...Should I or Shouldn't I?

You can get them here or check out all of her styles here

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melissa said...

Oh wow- how chic!! Thanks for the intro!

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