Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Oh Deer

Love simple, stylish and inexpensive art. 
Stumbled upon this treasure a while ago..and can't find the original source...Trying to convince a friend to reproduce it..this would be great mixed into a group of photos, oil paintings and immediately makes me think about settling in for Fall. 

Friday, September 26, 2008

Happy Weekend

This has been a CRAZY, busy and really tiring week. (translation, little free time, and no blogging )
Wanting to relax and recharge this weekend, with likely some work mixed in. 

This beautiful image from one of my favorite photographers, Ken Kochey sums up my weekend plans.

Have a great weekend, recharge!

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Tara Donne..I heart photography

I love photography. There is nothing much more to add...There is so much captured in a photograph and I am in awe of those with a keen eye and an opportunity to capture the layers of life. 

Photography and imagery are something I wanted to incorporate into our stores, and I realize I have yet to really do so...
Seasonal Photos that celebrate the cycles of life
Local Photographers who capture the life in the nearby surroundings
Simple Photography lessons and celebrations of kids own works...our daughter truly takes the most amazing shots
Images that celebrate who kids really are, free in exploring and doing and the people who love them
And on an on I go...motivated again to reconnect with those plans and to make it happen. 

Until then,  the work of Tara Donne is added to my file....her work is exquisite.

Monday, September 15, 2008

Sweetiepie New York

Planning a trip in October to NYC and making a little list of places to go...Thinking that a trip to Sweetiepie is on the top of the list. The concept was developed as a place for kids to take their parents to...What is not to love about that...
What is not to love at a restaurant owned by two stylish New Yorkers, whose family apartment I adored in the September issue of Vogue last year, whose menu consists of old favorites; Grilled cheese, BLT's and Roast Chicken and who will be serving some of my favorite classic deserts...

A test run in October, a trip to New York with our kids and lastly perhaps a spectacular place for a little party..for the launch of Peek...Aren't You Curious in New York?

Saturday, September 13, 2008

The Gift Closet Supplies

I remember first reading about this neat couple that re thought their lifestyle after having a child, moved and created a cool on line emporium...Three Potato Four has since become a little go to spot for great gifts, neat vintage kids stuff and a place for great ideas. 

After RSVP'ing to 3 Birthday parties yesterday, and realizing we were back on the Birthday party circuit now that the school year began, the idea of restocking the gift closet became a focus!
I have learned that a few great gifts, tucked away makes life a bit easier once the school year is in full swing. Interesting gifts, favorite books and sports stuff are always a winning combination..Now that the girls are a bit older, some stylish accessories and such will be added to the mix.
The other trick is to make sure you have the requisite wrapping supplies. 

My new find-Craft paper from U Line. Inexpensive and stylish this paper comes in sheets..so virtually anything can be wrapped in it...The kids can draw, write a note or decorate on it and we are good to go. Colorful, chic, artistic, personal and inexpensive...

The final touch-some simple twine AND these new little labels/tags from Three Potato Four

Try it ( perhaps with out the drawings ) for the next grown up gifts...

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Back to School

A few weeks ago I found a great shop for gifts, and bookmarked some pages to come back to. 
For me, New Year resolutions happen twice a year-once in the fall and once in January. 
Less about a long list of things I am likely not going to do, but more about things, places and adventures I want to have. A quiet moment to reflect. 

One thing that usually helps, is feeling organized. Closet cleaning, getting organized with the school year schedule, taking care of pending stuff...This little notebook/diary from Present&Correct seems like the perfect way to stay organized AND keep all of my notes and inspiration in the same place!

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Green Machine

I heart Topiaries. 
The perfect, simple design detail-bringing a bit of green and nature into any setting..
As summer light and flowers start to fade, a hint of green makes a world of difference

In our stores in Santa Monica and Corte Madera, we have giant animal topiaries ( Giraffes ) that are amazing...Kids see them from outside, and stare in awe. They are truly spectacular. 

In our home, some tall simple topiaries in our entrance are the perfect detail.
In my office, two small topiaries on my credenza add the perfect element of green without the weekly worry of fresh flowers. 

Loved this tear when I saw it..Very Edward Scissorhands

Monday, September 8, 2008

Terrain at Styers..The latest from Urban Outfitters

Would love to find a way to visit Urban Outfitters newest concept...Terrain at Stylers.
Check out this great garden emporium. These clever folks acquired J. Franklin Styer Nurseries and created an 11 acre treasure trove.. No doubt this will start to pop up across the country..
Garden Wares, landscape service, a spa shop, delicious cafe fare. What a fantastic concept.

Image courtesy of  Point-Click home

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Living Life-Nie Nie Day grows

Reading the NYT, and amazed to see this article...In three short months I feel lucky and grateful for the following;

Getting to know so many creative and kind people
Being inspired to love without limit
Come together as a community to help
Acknowledge how people can touch each others life
Learn about the power of honest conversation and struggle
Reach out to others to learn and support 
Remember what is most important

This article is a testament to the power of community....and everything I have learned in the last few months. 
Thank you

Saturday, September 6, 2008

John Derian for Target

I am quite sure that we all know about John Derian's collaboration with Target. 
Tomorrow is the big day, September 7th.
Must admit, I am quite excited to take a stroll through his collection of products and perhaps pick up a few stylish things for our house and for little gifts. There is something rather charming and fun sharing inexpensive items with people that add instant style to ones home AND are easily then enjoyed by the recipient. 
Sometimes it is easier to find an over the top or more expected gift. The joy for me now in the simple, the beautiful and the inexpensive!

Friday, September 5, 2008

Haynes Roberts

Ok, I just found my DREAM interior designers...Haynes Roberts, a New York based team has created some of the most fantastic interiors ( and exteriors I might add ) that I have seen in a long time...Even if I can not work with them, inspiration and ideas in every one of their projects.

Here are some of my favorites..

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Daylesford Organic

First heard about this shop and site from Rita Koenig via the September issue of Domino Magazine. Her wonderful column and blog is a daily treasure and I love the listing of purveyors in her article about shopping in London. 
is pretty much worth moving to England for....Not that there aren't a ton of other reasons as well ( I am 100% British by birth actually ) but never have I seen such a holistic approach to wellness AND I might add, quality thought to there locations and approach. 

First, as if the idea of purveyor of organic foods wasn't enough, these fine folks have a garden shop, a spa at Hay Market and stylish and convienient locations at Harvey Nichols and Selfridges. Now that is some fine planning.

In the meantime, as I dream of them ( or someone else ) opening state side...I will visit their site with frequency and think about to model a holistic approach here. At a minimum, we can all enjoy the recipe section and stay in touch with the seasons...

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Boys Rooms

Continuing with my fun, dreamy decorating project....In our house our kids share rooms, and we are always having sleepovers..so this room would work perfectly ! 

Image of courtesy of Steven Gambrel

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

The summer of 2008

Tomorrow morning the kids start school, with Mr B. entering 1st grade, Miss S. going into 3rd grade and Mr. J starting 5th grade...It is all going to fast. 

Summer was a blur, and it feels like it was just February when we were talking about what and how we wanted to spend the summer...With a busy work schedule, and a desire to make sure the kids enjoyed a lot of different activities and simple times playing, swimming, running under the hose, we decided to find a variety of camps for them to enjoy. The plans were pretty simple, after camp, play time, weekends hanging out, going on adventures or playing with the cousins or friends. This was a year with no true vacation but rather day trips and adventures around town.  What a great summer it was....with a real understanding of what we want ( and could afford to do ) the kids went to camps and learned a ton...making new friends, reconnecting with their step brother, being kids...I truly feel blessed.

Some of my highlights;

Fishing for crawdads ( 3 times ! ) and catching a ton!
Picking Lemons and Making Lemonade
Our first Lemonade Stand ( we did have some customers )
Learning about Egyptian history and art
Playing Field Hockey and Lacrosse
Mr. J and his first theatre performance
Seeing Dolphins for the first time in Nature
Mr. B doing archery for the first time, and getting 2 on the yellow :)
Hours of swimming with their cousins
A camp out under the stars
Playing catch in the park
Double sleepovers 
Chef of the night
Miss S. learning how to horseback ride
Getting to really hang out with their Step Brother
A trip to an amusement park
Mr. J winning the raffle at camp
Playing Marbles
Making Collages in the early hours of the day
Movie Night
Family trips to the farmers market
Bike rides around town
Berry Picking

Image Courtesy of Skonahem

Monday, September 1, 2008

Some people come into our lives and quickly go. Some stay for a while, leave footprints on our hearts, and we are never, ever the same. 

-Flavia Weedn

On Friday, the morning after Nie Nie day, this quote appeared in my inbox from Real Simple. 
I don't remember signing up for any emails for Real Simple, and thought it curious that all of a sudden on this day...this quote. I thought these words summarized my feelings, and from so many posts I've read the feelings of many. 

The quote stays with me, as I think of her, her family that we have all now come to know a bit, and many others that I have the joy of truly knowing and just meeting. It stays with me, as the person I want to be, and the hopes I have for our kids...

Thank you to everyone for their support, and participation and stayed tuned, would love to help in more ways over the coming months..

So now, to the winners of the auction

Emily won ALL of the books ...A great library ( and perhaps much more reading in the future! )

Heather won ALL of the clothing.....The kids will be comfortable and stylish!

Meta  won the like a bike..Days of fun ahead!

Photo courtesy of Marston and Langinger
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