Tuesday, September 2, 2008

The summer of 2008

Tomorrow morning the kids start school, with Mr B. entering 1st grade, Miss S. going into 3rd grade and Mr. J starting 5th grade...It is all going to fast. 

Summer was a blur, and it feels like it was just February when we were talking about what and how we wanted to spend the summer...With a busy work schedule, and a desire to make sure the kids enjoyed a lot of different activities and simple times playing, swimming, running under the hose, we decided to find a variety of camps for them to enjoy. The plans were pretty simple, after camp, play time, weekends hanging out, going on adventures or playing with the cousins or friends. This was a year with no true vacation but rather day trips and adventures around town.  What a great summer it was....with a real understanding of what we want ( and could afford to do ) the kids went to camps and learned a ton...making new friends, reconnecting with their step brother, being kids...I truly feel blessed.

Some of my highlights;

Fishing for crawdads ( 3 times ! ) and catching a ton!
Picking Lemons and Making Lemonade
Our first Lemonade Stand ( we did have some customers )
Learning about Egyptian history and art
Playing Field Hockey and Lacrosse
Mr. J and his first theatre performance
Seeing Dolphins for the first time in Nature
Mr. B doing archery for the first time, and getting 2 on the yellow :)
Hours of swimming with their cousins
A camp out under the stars
Playing catch in the park
Double sleepovers 
Chef of the night
Miss S. learning how to horseback ride
Getting to really hang out with their Step Brother
A trip to an amusement park
Mr. J winning the raffle at camp
Playing Marbles
Making Collages in the early hours of the day
Movie Night
Family trips to the farmers market
Bike rides around town
Berry Picking

Image Courtesy of Skonahem

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