Saturday, September 13, 2008

The Gift Closet Supplies

I remember first reading about this neat couple that re thought their lifestyle after having a child, moved and created a cool on line emporium...Three Potato Four has since become a little go to spot for great gifts, neat vintage kids stuff and a place for great ideas. 

After RSVP'ing to 3 Birthday parties yesterday, and realizing we were back on the Birthday party circuit now that the school year began, the idea of restocking the gift closet became a focus!
I have learned that a few great gifts, tucked away makes life a bit easier once the school year is in full swing. Interesting gifts, favorite books and sports stuff are always a winning combination..Now that the girls are a bit older, some stylish accessories and such will be added to the mix.
The other trick is to make sure you have the requisite wrapping supplies. 

My new find-Craft paper from U Line. Inexpensive and stylish this paper comes in virtually anything can be wrapped in it...The kids can draw, write a note or decorate on it and we are good to go. Colorful, chic, artistic, personal and inexpensive...

The final touch-some simple twine AND these new little labels/tags from Three Potato Four

Try it ( perhaps with out the drawings ) for the next grown up gifts...

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Design Babylon said...

I love the idea of a "gift closet" -- my Mom has had one as long as I can remember. I don't have a gift closet *quite* yet, more like a gift bin, but I'm getting there!

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