Thursday, July 31, 2008


I am always on the lookout for great and interesting gifts, and have found a fabulous new selection!
Loving this adorable book from Present&Correct and their great posters and prints. 
I could totally see kids loving this book, and the sophisticated touch it would add on a bookshelf. Instant ( and inexpensive art! )
So many ideas jumping through my head..Who can I order these for? 

Wednesday, July 30, 2008


How did I forget about Bellochio ?
Years ago, when I visited SF with some frequency, I had made a point of seeking out this treasure of a shop in Hayes Valley. ( before all the other fabulous shops were there )
I was in awe of the fabulous findings, and most of all the charm of the shop itself. 
Stocked with some stylish and simple treasures as well as many that I was inspired to pick up as well, it was a true treasure trove. 

Years later, and now living in the Bay area I have visited infrequently. Perhaps the fact that I now have a family, we started a business and generally have little free time, or perhaps because I had collected so many things I had yet to enjoy. 
Unpacking the boxes of my life ( literally and figuratively) I found them again and have made a point of using them..for everyday ( to mark our baskets of art supplies or a gift ) for special occasions ( holding family photos ) or to give as a gift. 

Checking out the shop again ( and now their website! ) I found this classic and stylish paper!
So practical and elegant, I can't wait to use...I see white wrapped gifts with a lovely black tag, tabs on boxes that hold pictures, notes to friends and a simple poster framed with a white mat with a favorite quote...

Cant wait to play!

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Childrens Club-Peek...Aren't You Curious

Off to New York for a few days...We are going to be showing our lines at the Children's Club Show and meeting with a bunch of wholesale accounts. We started showing our line a year ago and have a fabulous group of stores we sell to...Love in Greenwich, Amy Coe, Poppy, Barney's New York, Mudpie, LMNOP and are incredibly grateful to everyone that has supported us.

If you happen to be there, stop by and say Hello!

Looking forward to seeing all my old friends in NY, and have done my usual good job over scheduling myself for early morning coffees and late night dinners!

Monday, July 28, 2008

Its a blog world after all

So after a summer Friday at the Amusement park with the kids..An early weekend morning catching up on this weeks favorite blogs. 
I am in awe of the talent, inspiration and insights..and thankful for each of you who take the time to share and post. I find myself drawn to a few blogs for a daily ( or weekly dose of inspiration )

This week, Melissa from Ruby Press granted a few awards, and motivated me to check out a few blogs I had seen listed as favorites. 
There are two that I can't wait to follow regularly. 

Thank you for sharing!

Photo from Jaqueline Veissid  courtesy of Coco+Kelley

Thursday, July 24, 2008

How to Fish

Next weekend...A Fishing Trip

The kids are so excited to go fishing, and are only hope is that aside from fun...some fish!!!

I found this beautiful book a while ago, and tucked it away to give Scott from the kids. Our youngest is always asking to go fishing on a summer weekend. It is a beautiful book, written by a real fisherman and a perfect gift for the man in your life-husband, brother, dad, son!

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Last year, Scott and I were married in Kauai. It was amazing. We rented a house for a week and were lucky enough to be married on the property at the end of the week. We were there for 8 glorious days, the kids, our parents, brother, sisters, nephews and nieces and some dear friends. 
The week was full of spontaneous and planned adventures, some simple-playing cards in the morning or as the sun set, some more elaborate, a night of camping out under the stars. The day typically started with breakfast for 18-coffee, treats and Scott cooking a variety of breakfast for the gang. Next up, Yoga for those at the house and coming to the wedding. A few mornings a week on the beach and then at the house on the lawn. Volleyball, croquet, cookouts, hiking and a lot of laughs. At night, card games with the gang, and evening activities galore..Our hope and dream is to have the same group back in a short few years. Not to recreate, but to add on to all the amazing memories. Most importantly, to pause from the day to day, and have the chance to truly connect. 

It all takes me to this picture. A glorious spot on the beach in Mexico. When I found the site, it made me think of how much fun it would be to rent a house with a bunch of friends and chill. 
Morning hikes, yoga, adventures into town...Hotels interest me less and less...The idea of creating a place to gather and have fun for us, the kids and whoever wants to join. 
Summer vacat

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Just back from LA and realizing how much I miss old friends, the LA vibe and some time at the beach..Realizing that we have a few days in August prior to our next store opening, and planning to book a few days in LA to hang out, see friends and relax! Instead of the normal racing about town for work, a trip with only one mission. Seeing friends and catching up. 

The perfect pad presented itself while I was in LA last week...A friend and I were driving by the new Palihouse LA , upon finding out that they specialize in longer term stays, I realized that meant more space in a room and an opty to invite friends over to hang out....The perfect way to truly relax and entertain while we are in town..What a wonderful concept . I shall call shortly and book us!

Monday, July 21, 2008

Giving Thanks to Abbie

How to you thank someone for making your dream come true? 
Let me start at the begining...When Scott and I were first dreaming about the idea of leaving our jobs, spending as much time with the kids as possible, getting married, having babies, and creating a retail concept that was geared towards parents and children  it was just that, a bit of a dream...As we spent more time talking about what the concept would be like...we thought about the idea of a store you could go to and find great sophisticated yet casual clothing, cool sneakers and shoes, books and fun stuff for kids and parents...The idea of creating an store that was nostalgic yet modern, fun for parents and kids alike and brought you back to your own real and emotional experiences..There were components for sure, what the clothes looked like, what books we might offer, certain elements of the store-picnic tables, a reading area, photography, but there was nothing more...
As we spent time collecting these thoughts, we would wander about talking more and more. 
During one of our Saturdays in Berkley, we walked into an amazing ice cream store, that was owned by a young couple. Everything about the place was perfect...Elements of all of the things we imagined and more...Humor, elegance, thought and great design. After a few more trips to Sketch Ice Cream  and more and more of their delicious ice cream and toffee, the tip jar which referenced an upcoming honeymoon gave me the courage to comment and then ask more directly...( in my minds, the notion of young couples to be married and working together was all I needed...) 
Admiring the store, the ice cream and the thought to design...they shared that they had worked with this amazing person. 

So with nothing to lose, an email to passing-notes ...We were ready to explore this first and real step. Abbie answered soon after, and my heart sank when I learned she would be in NY for a few weeks. 
Weeks went by, and we finally met...Sitting around her table, in her wonderful apartment sipping a homemade beverage. Our dreams, and thoughts poured out...She listened, commented and shared her own path out of the corporate world and into her own creative place. Her work at the time, more geared towards personal correspondence and some businesses that had just completed. Her work, all of it, was exquisite. 
Months later, a phone call...Her initial work for us was complete. Like proud parents, we went racing over to see. It took our breath away and Peek Aren't You Curious was born. 

A few months later, our first store. Now there are 5, and a complete website is in the works...Our product, Brands that we love, books, shoes and a place to share the joys of parenting and create a community for those who love children is in the making. With the website back in Abbie's arms, we know it will be more then we could hope. 

To Abbie, for making our dreams come true, we say thank you. 
Her work, her personal grace and her outlook on life is to be admired. You are a gift. 

Friday, July 18, 2008

Living Outdoors

This is truly the best time of the year...Coffee and the paper outside, dinner and a drink ( or lemonade ) and as much time spent moving the days activities out of doors. 

There are a few classic combos I love, great wood tables, white chairs and black wicker, an outdoor dining area for 10...

Could not help but love Peri Wolfman and Charley Golds outdoor space featured in the June issue of Elle Decor

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Heidi Swanson

I have been telling everyone I know about Heidi's amazing work...Her Photography, blog, cookbooks. Thanks to Jenifer Altman from Nectar & Light for her post on

They say you have to be ready for learning and change, but you also need to be shown the way. 
Jenifer's honest post on her own habits and desires for healthy eating and how she and her husband wanted to think about food for their family struck a cord. 
I realized as well ( and so what ironically ) that I had picked up one of Heidi's cookbook at Anthropologie, intending to give it as a gift. Something about it made me want to keep it. 
( this is not something I usually do! ) All of this, I realized, for a reason. 

Over the last few months, I have been thinking more about food...I think the common thread is the desire to be connected and thoughtful. A desire to explore the farmers market and connect with the folks create a menu for the kids, friends, family and my husband that is seasonal and allows us to hang out in the kitchen and have fun, a realization that what we take in has an effect on our health and feeling of wellness..That all of these are joys worth experiencing and sharing with others. 

As I read more about Heidi and her work, I was amused by her commitment to stop buying cookbooks, to use the ones she had and to start cooking more. As I read her cookbooks 

 she made it interesting and easy to explore different ingredients and the real notion of eating well. There is such a simplistic message, an appreciation for the senses, and a desire to teach...
I am about ready to order them as gifts for friends and this time, I will make sure to wrap them and pass them on..

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

This Really Does Work

My new discovery...I came across this amazing product line last year, and while it is pricey for sure, I must say-it is worth it. 
A tiny amount of any of these products, and you will feel immediately uplifted!
Created by a former Health and Beauty editor at British Vogue, this aromatherapy range delivers exactly what is says. 

My favorites-the shower gel or oil, skin deep dry leg oil and the clean skin lotion. 
The packaging is simple and sophisticated ( and looks great in the bathroom ) 

Available on line at  This Works   or through Apothia

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

A Simple Family Kitchen

Just wanted to share another beautiful and simple kitchen design....This one is pretty afordable-Limited cabinets, a Simple but stylish butcher block island, and super functional family details. 
A chalkboard wall ( LOVE !!! ) Space to gather and have a few " chefs for the night " and accesible storage space. 

It looks pretty perfect to me!! 

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Simple Yet Beautiful

I keep thinking about Art, and the simplicity of great paintings mixed with photography in a home.
I love our Childrens Art, the quick drawings, the morning paintings and the personality that comes through in each.

These painting-the scale, color and message caught my eye years ago. It was in a spread ( of all things ) on Molly Simms home, in In Style Magazine in the Fall/Winter issue in 2007 . On its own, it looks so elegant. It actually makes me want to paint.

Friday, July 11, 2008

Summer Road Trips

Planning some road trips for the summer, and just about to book a few days at one of our favorite spots. Costanoa
In Pescadero, Near Santa Cruz and Half Moon Bay, this is the perfect 3 day trip.
You can feel like you are camping without all of the hard work! Canvas Tents, Bungalows or rooms, Costa Noa is perfect for a romantic weekend or family adventure. 
There is so much to do nearby-Berry Picking, Kayaking, Hikes, Bike Rides, Surfing ,Horseback Riding and some sleepy towns to explore. The amenities are perfect. I can't wait. 
I just checked out the calendar-s'mores and singing at the campfire, surf movies outside on Sunday nights..

Cookie Magazine had a great article on family camping last summer..The photos are from their spread-They captured Costanoa perfectly, and gave us tons of great ideas for some other spots. 

Stay tuned for family trip number 2....

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Pink Chicken

Ok...I am in awe of people who take a risk. Who see the world, how they want to live and go for it. Who live with grace, courage, humility and truly live life to the fullest. 
My friend Stacey Lavalle Fraser is one of those people..A former Senior Exec and Designer at The Ralph Lauren, Gap, Tommy Hilfiger and Old Navy, she is one of the most talented, kind and honest people I know. There is something about her energy and her outlook that is infectious. 
After giving birth to her two daughters, she decided to leave the corporate world, and start her own line and spend more time with her family. 
The perfect relaxed casual style that she herself embodies, Pink Chicken is by far one of the best lines in the market. She started a little over a year ago and her dresses and knits are to die for. I am really proud of her and wanted to share her work. 

Check it out at Pink Chicken

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Fantastic Kids Rooms

From Absolutely Beautiful Things

From Absolutely Beautiful Things

From Canadian House and Home

From Elle Decor

From Domino Magazine
The obsession continues...
Fantastic Kids rooms, that I am so long forward to creating.
There are certain elements of a family home that I love, photographs of the kids, and those the kids have taken, chalkboard walls in unexpected places, kids art framed or posted on the fridge, tents for sleepovers, bunk beds and most of all some place that is organized for stuff!

The first rooms that come to mind are bedrooms, and those above have caught my eye. There is a simplicity, a sense of fun and personality and style in each of them. Such fun!

Anna Spiro from Absolutely Beautiful Things  created the loveliest nursery.. A Neutral Pallatte and stylish but practical furniture, and finally some simple personal and childlike touches.

One of my favorite family houses was featured in Domino in November of 2006. Austin Harrelson and his family relocated to Florida, and the house is great. Austin Harrelson Interior Design

Camera Ready-The Perfect Baby Gift

Ok, I had to interrupt my design project, because a good friend just had a baby, and I was putting the baby present together. 
There is nothing better ( in my mind ) then photographs of our kids, or kids in general!!
Camera Ready by Arthur Elgort is one of the best books and has become ( in addition to things from our store ) my favorite baby gift to give. 
Arthur Elgort, one of the best photographers ever, captures his family with such grace and beauty AND gives you practical tips on how to do the same...

Since I know the next few years will be spent capturing all the amazing moments, why not make sure they can be as beautiful and emotional as possible!

Monday, July 7, 2008

Kitchen Envy

From Elle Decor July/August

From Coastal Living

From Southern Accents

From Coastal Living

Ok...I warned you all. The great house project is on my brain. Of course, it is simply in the dreaming and planning phases. But, so much to share. 
You see, when you quit your corporate job, and start a business with your husband, there is nothing in your short term future but a rental, some simple decor and family touches and some ideas for the future...

The kids favorite thing to say, as they too think about what it might be like..When we get our new house can we...

Have a tree house
Get our own rooms ( or at least, have only 2 of us share )
Put in a pool
Redo a chalkboard wall
Get a dog
Make sure we are across the street from a park
Walk to town to get ice cream
Make sure there are trees to climb

Until then, we are having fun here and are amazed that 3 years have already passed. 

So today, thoughts of the kitchen. I always love a kitchen that is open to other rooms and has enough space for people to cook together ( the kids now gather their stools and chairs and want to play "chef for the night") We are lucky to have an open kitchen and a dining room and family room that all occupy one large open space. It is really the heart of our home. 

I love the idea of a kitchen with french doors, that opens out to a terrace. A place to gather, inside and out and feed the heart and soul in everyway. 

Some of my favorites kitchens are above...

Sunday, July 6, 2008

Enjoying the last day of the long summer weekend. 
Reading the paper, coffee and finally flipping through some old magazines. 

I came across this spectacular outdoor living space in the June issue of  Canadian House and Home. 

I could not help but start to think about our dream home and what is might look like. 
Looking forward to future posts over this next few weeks as I begin to dream and plan. 

It reminds me to finally start subscriptions for some of my favorite magazines. Instead of the regular trips to the news stand where I ended up with more then I need, I have finally edited the list, and will get all of my favorites. Total cost is more $220 for about 2 years of all the US Editions, and one year of the international ones!
What an inexpensive way to inspire....Here is the list :

Elle Decor
Vogue Living Australia  ( a splurge )
Cottage Living ( this is a new find...and a treasure )
Canadian House and Home
Harpers Bazaar
British Vogue ( my second splurge )
Us ( my guilty pleasure )
Vanity Fair ( for the plane )

Image courtesy of  Canadian House and Home

Saturday, July 5, 2008

Glorious Day

A trip to the farmers market this morning..Inspired by the long summer weekend, a desire to enjoy the outdoors, continuing to fall in love with cooking and the community of the farmers market and all who grow and cultivate all that is there.
What a glorious morning and start to the day.

Dusting off an old bicycle, an Olympia Donna Shopper ( see above and imagine same in british racing green and complete with a wicker basket to hold all our wares ) we cycle through town. Waving, connecting and saying good morning to those who are starting the day with a similar spirit.
A serious cyclist passes us by-and comments on the beauty of the bike. A connection with the farmer who shares with us the land on which he grows his fruit. Proudly sharing and encouraging us to try. The purveyors at the market volunteer to watch our bikes as we wander through..A quiet booth, at which we stop to taste tofu meatballs and discover how good they are. Scott then sharing the kids recent request to buy and make Tofu...The same kids I think that crave an otter pop or ice cream at the end of dinner. Hmm, I pause, what can we share and give to them...The thoughts of new recipes going through our head and a discipline when shopping to limit our purchases to what we can truly enjoy and consume. There is a smile as we get back on our bikes and head home.
I think to myself about a quote I read earlier in the week. The only thing that stops you from living the life you want is you.

Start living everyday.

Friday, July 4, 2008

Celebrating the Fourth

Thinking about a simple summer dinner on the 4th of July, a lovely bbq and margaritas. Planning the menu, I came across this perfect picture. It says it all. Slow down, Enjoy this leisurely summer weekend, family and friends and have fun!

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Thoughts for the day

I discovered the most amazing artist the other day, and I have been thinking about her work ever since. The messages and thoughts she shares are such a wonderful way to reflect and think about what is important each day and in each of us....I am looking forward to gifting these and sharing them with the kids and hope that everyone can  feel the impact of the words and the beauty of her work. 

Thank you to Caroline for inspiring me to hold these thoughts in each moment. Her work can be found at her Etsy shop-Paloma's Nest 


What more to say

I have always wanted a dog...For a short time, I did. More on that, another time. 

My amazing husband and our kids are so excited about the idea of getting a dog, and while everyone has their own favorite breed, or ideas on small dog, big dog, name of dog.
I so want the kids to have every possible experience in life.....As we watch them in the park, meeting, petting and usually playing with a neighbors dog, the typical next request-Can we PLEASE get a dog....This is something that we can not say no to. The work and fun of a puppy, the understanding of taking care of and looking out for something else..The building of a family and all the joy and fun to be had...Walks, Playing Fetch, Giving a bath. We want it all. 

So then, in my mind, the question of what kind-how to think emotionally, but yet practically about this decision and to work together to really think about this decision, and then...a decision. The other night, I came home and told as Scott about this fantastic Burmese Mountain Dog I had seen earlier-Friendly, Big, Fun, Affectionate..His exact quote was;

" I am sure he was cute, but we already know what kind of dog we are getting. "
We do I thought ?..What about your ideas that ( and this is quite likely ) since you are the most likely caretaker of the dog...that something more outdoorsy and companion like might be a good option ? Not even a question. This fine man, once again proved that love has no bounds. The Wheaten Terrier I have been waiting 40 plus years for, will, when we move...Be all of ours. 

Wednesday, July 2, 2008


Getting ready for the long weekend, and appreciating flowers, herbs, fresh veggies and beautiful gardens. 
The weekend calls for a trip to the farmers market and some fresh flowers for the table. 
We have been using some of the herbs we planted and I am appreciating how they add such an amazing flavor and beauty to a meal. Lemonade mixed with club soda and some fresh mint is to die for....Fresh Mozzarella and tomatoes and a piece of basil before the olive oil and vinegar..
More herbs to discover. 

I came across these two amazing books last year, and pulled them out this morning. 
Plot and Dig are both visually appealing and help you plan and create a simple and wonderful garden wherever you are. The approach is so straightforward but is incredibly inspiring. I felt as though I had a coach or professional mentor!
Thank you to Meredith Kirton for making for showing us all how approachable and rewarding the dirt can be. 

This weekend...stop, and truly smell the roses.  
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