Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Last year, Scott and I were married in Kauai. It was amazing. We rented a house for a week and were lucky enough to be married on the property at the end of the week. We were there for 8 glorious days, the kids, our parents, brother, sisters, nephews and nieces and some dear friends. 
The week was full of spontaneous and planned adventures, some simple-playing cards in the morning or as the sun set, some more elaborate, a night of camping out under the stars. The day typically started with breakfast for 18-coffee, treats and Scott cooking a variety of breakfast for the gang. Next up, Yoga for those at the house and coming to the wedding. A few mornings a week on the beach and then at the house on the lawn. Volleyball, croquet, cookouts, hiking and a lot of laughs. At night, card games with the gang, and evening activities galore..Our hope and dream is to have the same group back in a short few years. Not to recreate, but to add on to all the amazing memories. Most importantly, to pause from the day to day, and have the chance to truly connect. 

It all takes me to this picture. A glorious spot on the beach in Mexico. When I found the site, it made me think of how much fun it would be to rent a house with a bunch of friends and chill. 
Morning hikes, yoga, adventures into town...Hotels interest me less and less...The idea of creating a place to gather and have fun for us, the kids and whoever wants to join. 
Summer vacat

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