Monday, July 7, 2008

Kitchen Envy

From Elle Decor July/August

From Coastal Living

From Southern Accents

From Coastal Living

Ok...I warned you all. The great house project is on my brain. Of course, it is simply in the dreaming and planning phases. But, so much to share. 
You see, when you quit your corporate job, and start a business with your husband, there is nothing in your short term future but a rental, some simple decor and family touches and some ideas for the future...

The kids favorite thing to say, as they too think about what it might be like..When we get our new house can we...

Have a tree house
Get our own rooms ( or at least, have only 2 of us share )
Put in a pool
Redo a chalkboard wall
Get a dog
Make sure we are across the street from a park
Walk to town to get ice cream
Make sure there are trees to climb

Until then, we are having fun here and are amazed that 3 years have already passed. 

So today, thoughts of the kitchen. I always love a kitchen that is open to other rooms and has enough space for people to cook together ( the kids now gather their stools and chairs and want to play "chef for the night") We are lucky to have an open kitchen and a dining room and family room that all occupy one large open space. It is really the heart of our home. 

I love the idea of a kitchen with french doors, that opens out to a terrace. A place to gather, inside and out and feed the heart and soul in everyway. 

Some of my favorites kitchens are above...

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Margaret said...

So glad to see you at my place, and to see yours. Thanks for noticing my margaretroach dot com "homepage," the mandala of my spinning life at the moment. :)

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