Thursday, July 17, 2008

Heidi Swanson

I have been telling everyone I know about Heidi's amazing work...Her Photography, blog, cookbooks. Thanks to Jenifer Altman from Nectar & Light for her post on

They say you have to be ready for learning and change, but you also need to be shown the way. 
Jenifer's honest post on her own habits and desires for healthy eating and how she and her husband wanted to think about food for their family struck a cord. 
I realized as well ( and so what ironically ) that I had picked up one of Heidi's cookbook at Anthropologie, intending to give it as a gift. Something about it made me want to keep it. 
( this is not something I usually do! ) All of this, I realized, for a reason. 

Over the last few months, I have been thinking more about food...I think the common thread is the desire to be connected and thoughtful. A desire to explore the farmers market and connect with the folks create a menu for the kids, friends, family and my husband that is seasonal and allows us to hang out in the kitchen and have fun, a realization that what we take in has an effect on our health and feeling of wellness..That all of these are joys worth experiencing and sharing with others. 

As I read more about Heidi and her work, I was amused by her commitment to stop buying cookbooks, to use the ones she had and to start cooking more. As I read her cookbooks 

 she made it interesting and easy to explore different ingredients and the real notion of eating well. There is such a simplistic message, an appreciation for the senses, and a desire to teach...
I am about ready to order them as gifts for friends and this time, I will make sure to wrap them and pass them on..

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Margaret said...

Isn't Heidi something? I am inspired by her, too. Great post. (And thanks for having me in your blogroll.)

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