Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Camera Ready-The Perfect Baby Gift

Ok, I had to interrupt my design project, because a good friend just had a baby, and I was putting the baby present together. 
There is nothing better ( in my mind ) then photographs of our kids, or kids in general!!
Camera Ready by Arthur Elgort is one of the best books and has become ( in addition to things from our store ) my favorite baby gift to give. 
Arthur Elgort, one of the best photographers ever, captures his family with such grace and beauty AND gives you practical tips on how to do the same...

Since I know the next few years will be spent capturing all the amazing moments, why not make sure they can be as beautiful and emotional as possible!

1 comment:

marta said...

thanks for the book review. what a great gift idea. this looks like something i will totally be needing. beautiful blog by the way.

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