Monday, July 21, 2008

Giving Thanks to Abbie

How to you thank someone for making your dream come true? 
Let me start at the begining...When Scott and I were first dreaming about the idea of leaving our jobs, spending as much time with the kids as possible, getting married, having babies, and creating a retail concept that was geared towards parents and children  it was just that, a bit of a dream...As we spent more time talking about what the concept would be like...we thought about the idea of a store you could go to and find great sophisticated yet casual clothing, cool sneakers and shoes, books and fun stuff for kids and parents...The idea of creating an store that was nostalgic yet modern, fun for parents and kids alike and brought you back to your own real and emotional experiences..There were components for sure, what the clothes looked like, what books we might offer, certain elements of the store-picnic tables, a reading area, photography, but there was nothing more...
As we spent time collecting these thoughts, we would wander about talking more and more. 
During one of our Saturdays in Berkley, we walked into an amazing ice cream store, that was owned by a young couple. Everything about the place was perfect...Elements of all of the things we imagined and more...Humor, elegance, thought and great design. After a few more trips to Sketch Ice Cream  and more and more of their delicious ice cream and toffee, the tip jar which referenced an upcoming honeymoon gave me the courage to comment and then ask more directly...( in my minds, the notion of young couples to be married and working together was all I needed...) 
Admiring the store, the ice cream and the thought to design...they shared that they had worked with this amazing person. 

So with nothing to lose, an email to passing-notes ...We were ready to explore this first and real step. Abbie answered soon after, and my heart sank when I learned she would be in NY for a few weeks. 
Weeks went by, and we finally met...Sitting around her table, in her wonderful apartment sipping a homemade beverage. Our dreams, and thoughts poured out...She listened, commented and shared her own path out of the corporate world and into her own creative place. Her work at the time, more geared towards personal correspondence and some businesses that had just completed. Her work, all of it, was exquisite. 
Months later, a phone call...Her initial work for us was complete. Like proud parents, we went racing over to see. It took our breath away and Peek Aren't You Curious was born. 

A few months later, our first store. Now there are 5, and a complete website is in the works...Our product, Brands that we love, books, shoes and a place to share the joys of parenting and create a community for those who love children is in the making. With the website back in Abbie's arms, we know it will be more then we could hope. 

To Abbie, for making our dreams come true, we say thank you. 
Her work, her personal grace and her outlook on life is to be admired. You are a gift. 

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