Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Just back from LA and realizing how much I miss old friends, the LA vibe and some time at the beach..Realizing that we have a few days in August prior to our next store opening, and planning to book a few days in LA to hang out, see friends and relax! Instead of the normal racing about town for work, a trip with only one mission. Seeing friends and catching up. 

The perfect pad presented itself while I was in LA last week...A friend and I were driving by the new Palihouse LA , upon finding out that they specialize in longer term stays, I realized that meant more space in a room and an opty to invite friends over to hang out....The perfect way to truly relax and entertain while we are in town..What a wonderful concept . I shall call shortly and book us!

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coco+kelley said...

palihouse is AWESOME! i'm planning on going there friday for a drink with friends before we hit the town. the company that managed the whole 'look' for the hotel bought many pieces from us when i worked at empiric (www.empiric.com). the space is amazing.

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