Saturday, July 5, 2008

Glorious Day

A trip to the farmers market this morning..Inspired by the long summer weekend, a desire to enjoy the outdoors, continuing to fall in love with cooking and the community of the farmers market and all who grow and cultivate all that is there.
What a glorious morning and start to the day.

Dusting off an old bicycle, an Olympia Donna Shopper ( see above and imagine same in british racing green and complete with a wicker basket to hold all our wares ) we cycle through town. Waving, connecting and saying good morning to those who are starting the day with a similar spirit.
A serious cyclist passes us by-and comments on the beauty of the bike. A connection with the farmer who shares with us the land on which he grows his fruit. Proudly sharing and encouraging us to try. The purveyors at the market volunteer to watch our bikes as we wander through..A quiet booth, at which we stop to taste tofu meatballs and discover how good they are. Scott then sharing the kids recent request to buy and make Tofu...The same kids I think that crave an otter pop or ice cream at the end of dinner. Hmm, I pause, what can we share and give to them...The thoughts of new recipes going through our head and a discipline when shopping to limit our purchases to what we can truly enjoy and consume. There is a smile as we get back on our bikes and head home.
I think to myself about a quote I read earlier in the week. The only thing that stops you from living the life you want is you.

Start living everyday.

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