Wednesday, July 30, 2008


How did I forget about Bellochio ?
Years ago, when I visited SF with some frequency, I had made a point of seeking out this treasure of a shop in Hayes Valley. ( before all the other fabulous shops were there )
I was in awe of the fabulous findings, and most of all the charm of the shop itself. 
Stocked with some stylish and simple treasures as well as many that I was inspired to pick up as well, it was a true treasure trove. 

Years later, and now living in the Bay area I have visited infrequently. Perhaps the fact that I now have a family, we started a business and generally have little free time, or perhaps because I had collected so many things I had yet to enjoy. 
Unpacking the boxes of my life ( literally and figuratively) I found them again and have made a point of using them..for everyday ( to mark our baskets of art supplies or a gift ) for special occasions ( holding family photos ) or to give as a gift. 

Checking out the shop again ( and now their website! ) I found this classic and stylish paper!
So practical and elegant, I can't wait to use...I see white wrapped gifts with a lovely black tag, tabs on boxes that hold pictures, notes to friends and a simple poster framed with a white mat with a favorite quote...

Cant wait to play!

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