Thursday, July 3, 2008

What more to say

I have always wanted a dog...For a short time, I did. More on that, another time. 

My amazing husband and our kids are so excited about the idea of getting a dog, and while everyone has their own favorite breed, or ideas on small dog, big dog, name of dog.
I so want the kids to have every possible experience in life.....As we watch them in the park, meeting, petting and usually playing with a neighbors dog, the typical next request-Can we PLEASE get a dog....This is something that we can not say no to. The work and fun of a puppy, the understanding of taking care of and looking out for something else..The building of a family and all the joy and fun to be had...Walks, Playing Fetch, Giving a bath. We want it all. 

So then, in my mind, the question of what kind-how to think emotionally, but yet practically about this decision and to work together to really think about this decision, and then...a decision. The other night, I came home and told as Scott about this fantastic Burmese Mountain Dog I had seen earlier-Friendly, Big, Fun, Affectionate..His exact quote was;

" I am sure he was cute, but we already know what kind of dog we are getting. "
We do I thought ?..What about your ideas that ( and this is quite likely ) since you are the most likely caretaker of the dog...that something more outdoorsy and companion like might be a good option ? Not even a question. This fine man, once again proved that love has no bounds. The Wheaten Terrier I have been waiting 40 plus years for, will, when we move...Be all of ours. 

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