Thursday, July 10, 2008

Pink Chicken

Ok...I am in awe of people who take a risk. Who see the world, how they want to live and go for it. Who live with grace, courage, humility and truly live life to the fullest. 
My friend Stacey Lavalle Fraser is one of those people..A former Senior Exec and Designer at The Ralph Lauren, Gap, Tommy Hilfiger and Old Navy, she is one of the most talented, kind and honest people I know. There is something about her energy and her outlook that is infectious. 
After giving birth to her two daughters, she decided to leave the corporate world, and start her own line and spend more time with her family. 
The perfect relaxed casual style that she herself embodies, Pink Chicken is by far one of the best lines in the market. She started a little over a year ago and her dresses and knits are to die for. I am really proud of her and wanted to share her work. 

Check it out at Pink Chicken

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A Print A Day said...

these are beautiful little outfits!

i chanced by your blog at a cup of jo's and think you have a lovely site :)

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