Sunday, July 6, 2008

Enjoying the last day of the long summer weekend. 
Reading the paper, coffee and finally flipping through some old magazines. 

I came across this spectacular outdoor living space in the June issue of  Canadian House and Home. 

I could not help but start to think about our dream home and what is might look like. 
Looking forward to future posts over this next few weeks as I begin to dream and plan. 

It reminds me to finally start subscriptions for some of my favorite magazines. Instead of the regular trips to the news stand where I ended up with more then I need, I have finally edited the list, and will get all of my favorites. Total cost is more $220 for about 2 years of all the US Editions, and one year of the international ones!
What an inexpensive way to inspire....Here is the list :

Elle Decor
Vogue Living Australia  ( a splurge )
Cottage Living ( this is a new find...and a treasure )
Canadian House and Home
Harpers Bazaar
British Vogue ( my second splurge )
Us ( my guilty pleasure )
Vanity Fair ( for the plane )

Image courtesy of  Canadian House and Home

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marta said...

oooh, yes. i love magazines too. they are such a cheap thrill and i love that they arrive in the postbox.. perfect for reading with my lunch. enjoy! your blog is beautiful, by the by.

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