Thursday, September 4, 2008

Daylesford Organic

First heard about this shop and site from Rita Koenig via the September issue of Domino Magazine. Her wonderful column and blog is a daily treasure and I love the listing of purveyors in her article about shopping in London. 
is pretty much worth moving to England for....Not that there aren't a ton of other reasons as well ( I am 100% British by birth actually ) but never have I seen such a holistic approach to wellness AND I might add, quality thought to there locations and approach. 

First, as if the idea of purveyor of organic foods wasn't enough, these fine folks have a garden shop, a spa at Hay Market and stylish and convienient locations at Harvey Nichols and Selfridges. Now that is some fine planning.

In the meantime, as I dream of them ( or someone else ) opening state side...I will visit their site with frequency and think about to model a holistic approach here. At a minimum, we can all enjoy the recipe section and stay in touch with the seasons...

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