Thursday, September 24, 2009


So yes, I am on a budget, and yes, after a year of wearing my husbands clothes, the same outfit repeatedly and full enjoying all of the foods that I desired a little bit of a wardrobe update is in order. The funny thing is, I also think of myself a bit differently and the desire is to have a bit of uniform with fewer pieces and things that I love. I think back at some of the splurges I have made and realize it is those lovely few pieces, mixed with my Levi's and J Crew knit tops that have become the base of this look. Ironically as well-trying things I would never have tried before..Hmmm more on that later.

Given the economic enviornment, pretty easy to do all of this on a tight budget.
In any event, as I thought about the slim jeans I wanted to wear ( and the fantastic Citizens Avedon Jeans I was gifted from a dear old friend ) I knew that the splurge of the season would be some great black boots. Alas, perfection. Landed on an authentic dress riding boot from Ariat. Can't wait for these to arrive. Why find some "version" that has been redone when you can have the real deal?

Check them out here..


Jennifer Ramos said...

I always get a lift when i buy new clothes, it's very refreshing to update your wardrobe after a long period of NOT buying anything....good for you. :)
Jen Ramos
'Cards & Prints You'll Love...'

LoveFeast Table said...

Every girl needs a good pair of boots! I wear my fryes like slippers.

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