Monday, July 20, 2009

Sheer Joy-Maira Kalman back at the New York Times

Somehow, I missed the fact that Maira Kalman was back at the New York Times. Yesterday morning, I discovered her again and with sheer joy shared her work and read numerous passages out loud to my husband. ( who i might add, was trying to do his own share of Sunday morning reading during 15 minutes of unusual peace & quiet ) With him focused on the NYT, and me falling in love with each of her posts the day was off to a wonderful beginning...Cuddly, sleepy babies and now this!

Enough of your time taken with my intro, it should be used to enjoy this and this
I LOVED her visit to the Supreme Court and talk with Ruth Bader Ginsburg...and her divine trip to Monticello...and...

Anyone know where and how to get one of her prints...I shall save forever to aquire!

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