Sunday, March 1, 2009

Time out, taking stock and giving thanks

Awake early on my birthday..after a little getaway ( thanks to a friend ! ) for the night at the Inn at Spanish Bay.
Words could not express how surprised we were when he presented us with a night at Pebble Beach, a day of golf for the Mr. and a fantastic spa treatment for me as a baby present ( in his words-what do you get 2 people who own a kids clothing company??)
As one who is often not so good at receiving gifts ( but love finding and giving them ) I was overwhelmed.

At the end of a long week, full of business and board meetings, kids getting sick, some emotional ups and downs, and the next phase of some major life changes, I started to think it might be a better idea to go at another time. Somehow, waking up in the wee hours of the morning Friday am, I knew that what I really needed was to get back to who and what mattered to me and to us, and not focus on how others chose to be, live or act. There was no anxiety, or agnst, but rather a reaching back out to how and who I wanted to surround myself with.
As the very early morning hours, turned to morning, I found myself slowing reconnecting. No need to judge, but a need to acknowledge, a need to be without others permission, it is all right there.

Getting to the Inn at Spanish bay around 4 on Friday, we took a walk along the gorgeous coast line, had drinks by the fire and listened to the sound of conversation and bagpipes as the sun set. Laughing and thinking forward about what we might be like at the ages of 60,70 and beyond. I am lucky to be married to this man who makes me laugh, makes me cry and makes every day more real.
Saturday morning, waking up, lounging and taking another walk on the coastline..a day of golfing and a trip to the Spa. Finding myself with a bit of time in the morning, I decided to head over early and planned to read and lounge about in what I expected to be a relaxing enviornment for a bit..calling a friend on the way put a smile on my face.
When I pulled up, I was blown away. The Spa was beautiful, tranquil and so aesthetically charming that I felt like I was transported yet again...As I walked up to the desk to check in, I could not help but think about how to extend my time here...

At every turn, a gorgeous, simple enviornment for relaxation..every detail perfection. A sitting room with a huge fire pit, dark wicker chairs and spectacular herb plants along the window, a garden filled with Lavendar in terra cotta pots and piles of white towels by the pool, snacks and water with the perfect amount of fruit to add a cleansing taste..and the treatments...
As I got my lavender pedicure, a conversation opened up with the woman next to me...we started talking about children ( her first weekend away from her 6 month daughter ) her IVF treatments ( at the age of 25 ) and her experiences as a new mom and lessons already learned..(Then we moved on to the Oscars, Sienfeld and Angelina Jolie ! ) In 60 minutes, a connection and learnings..

A few hours later ( ok, 5 ) after 2 treatments ( I had to add my first pre natal massage ! ) I left to pick up the Mr. from his day of golf. As we drove home later, and talked about the world, the economy and our lives...I was struck again by how lucky we are and what really maters. As some have said, when you are clear about what is important in your life, it is easy to make decisions ..when you create and take that path, stay on it..and when you need a moment to recharge take it..finally, when you need help ask for it, and when you are thankful, say it.

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Joslyn said...

sounds like absolute perfection. you deserve it!

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