Tuesday, March 3, 2009

A treasured Spot

One of our favorite getaways, San Ysidro Ranch...came across this image in the early morning hours, and the memories came flooding back.
Our first weekend away ( after 2 weeks of 4 hour phone conversations ) an anniversary trip a year later, and last year a surprise trip for my fortieth. Though not in our current budget, looking forward to discovering other beautiful spots or revisiting some old favorites for an afternoon lunch, romantic dinner or just the amazing memories in my mind.

Always amazed how a Saturday afternoon drive and visit to a place of beauty can be as relaxing as a weekend away...

1 comment:

sarah said...

What a gorgeous place. Love all that green. You'll definitely need a weekend away after the twins make their grand exit (or entrance depending on how you look at it) and turn your live upside down for awhile. After a year, I'm still waiting on my getaway. Must. come. soon.

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