Sunday, February 8, 2009

The moments

Easy these days to get caught up in what is not...Who would have thought ( and then fill in the blank ) On the other hand, find myself amazed by what is and the joys and gifts around me every day. Don't want to sound corny, but I am really incredibly full of love, thankful, humbled, challenged, proud and trying to take each moment and day as it comes.

So a few weeks ago, we did our first ever photo shoot, with our dear old friend Jo. Never having done this, we were somewhat laid back in our approach-Scott was out of town, so it was a busy Saturday with the usual playdates, sleepovers and weekend to dos. Sunday Morning, everyone gathered at our house. The kids were excited about the day and had planned the mornings treats ( hot chocolate, mini muffins and fruit ) and some of the clothes they wanted to wear. The gang started to show up, friends, Jo, her amazing husband and at last, the fun began. What basically started up as a giant playdate in the park, has ended up as a photo archive of so many things. Our beautiful kids ( our oldest is only in a few shots, as we don't make clothes for the over 10 set ), moments with their friends, a set of memories that only Jo could capture, a story telling about our concept and brand that unfolded over the day and within her images, an opportunity for her amazing talent to be seen by more people, and a moment to reflect on what we have worked so hard to build over the last few years.
With an ongoing to do list of what we can do better to the side, a moment to take pride in all that we are, all that we treasure, and all that we have done.

Check out Jo's work here


Jo said...

Wow...thank you for this. You started with a great idea, nurtured it with creativity, kept careful watch on your intentions, and gave it wings. Peek has truly taken on a life of its own, what an honor it is to be a small part of the story. You guys are amazing.

Anonymous said...

great photos! LOVE them all!

and love your shop too. so inspiring.

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