Thursday, August 28, 2008

Nie Nie Day

So excited to be participating in Nie Nie Day...We are thrilled to be auctioning off some of my favorite things from our kids stores...( my husband and I started the company with a dear friend, and we design all of the product ourselves! )
Since Stephanie is an incredible inspiration and role model to me as a person, mother and wife, I thought it appropriate to focus our auction on children!

Thank you for stopping by..PLEASE let me know if you have any questions, I want to make sure this is a success!

Auction ends SUNDAY night...with the Goal of raising as MUCH as possible..Thank you to everyone for participating!
Sargent Fletcher Girls
This adorable outfit is perfect for the early days of fall ( and was just in C magazine! )
These styles come size 2-10. If you win, I will contact you to find out what size you are interested in. Please feel free to bid for any one item, or all!

Surf Royalty Girls
For your little surfer..Perfect for fall days in the park or if lucky on the beach!!
These come in sizes 2-10. If you win, I will contact you and find out what size you would like. Feel free to bid on all items or any one!
Fleur Des Champs
For your little princess, this charming ensemble is great for making mudpies or the first days of school! We can send this in any size from 2-10. If you win, I will contact you and ask the size you want.
Feel free to bid for any one item, or all!

Sargent Fletcher Boys
For your small mr. adventure...Perfect pieces for Fall. We can send this in any size 2-10.
If you win, I will contact you to find out the size!
Feel Free to bid on all, or any one item
Surf Royalty Boys
A Fantastic outfit for the little surfer in your life..
We can send this for any age 2-10...if you win, I will contact you to ask for the size!
Feel Free to bid on all, or any one item.

Pippi Longtocking
My all time favorite...Pippi with illustrations by Lauren Child. This book ( which I have not seen in many places ) is the perfect gift for a young girl! The adventures of Pippi are fantastic and this is a totally treasure

Ella the Elegant Elephant
A story of a lovely elephant who does not quite fit the end, everyone comes to love her..

I'll be you and you be me..
A classic lovely story with a thoughtful message and beautiful illustrations..
Perhaps a bid for all the books is the perfect gift !

Hubert Horatio
This fantastic story has kept our children silent before bedtime...A favorite from Lauren Child, a story of a young boy whose parents have a lot they lose it all, he is quick to figure out what really matters AND makes them happy. The illustrations are fantastic..

Princess and the Pea by Lauren Child
This fantastic book is a wonderful story AND the illustration are VERY much in The style of Nie Nie....Amazing fabric and wallpaper prints have been turned into fabulous fashions....

Like a Bike. This amazing bike allows children to be their own drivers....teaching them balance and allowing them to pedal and stop with their legs ( think Fred Flinstone!!)
Our youngest started on this at 3, and never used training weels!
It retails for $ 285!

Our family's thoughts and prayers are with Stephanie, Christian, their four children and all of their loving family and friends.

Thank you to Gabrielle for making today a reality and for allowing us all to come together to help in anyway we can.


Sarah said...

$100 Fleur Des Champs.

sarahhaslip at

Sarah said...

$70 Surf Royalty Boys.

Sarah said...

$100 Like A Bike.

MIMOM2 said...

Sargent Fletcher Boys $75

Lindsay Jones said...

All the books $50

Pedaling said...

surf royalty boys
all the books

randa_joy said...

Sargent Fletcher Girls $50

Debbie said...

All the Books $55.00

Nanana said...

$50. Surf Royalty Girls

Susie Sunshine said...

$125 Fleur Des Champs

Helen said...

Surf Royalty Girls. $75

Girl con Queso said...

$100 surf royalty boys.

Girl con Queso said...

$100 sargent fletcher boys

OliveJuiceCo said...

$100 Surf Royalty Girls
$110 Surf Royalty Boys

hendrickskim at

eRiCa said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Sarah said...

$120 Surf Royalty Boys

Jennie W. said...

$125 Surf Royalty Girls
$100 Surf Royalty Boys

Jennie W. said...

$140 Surf Royalty Boys

Leigh said...

$100 All the books


Anonymous said...

Sargent Fletcher Girls for $75
Love your designs by the way

Check out my auction at

Emily said...

Like a Bike $110

emilygcraig at

Emily said...

This is confusing. Am I getting this right?

Sargent Fletcher Boys $105

meta said...

When does your auction end, is it too late? $110 all the books and $200 like a bike.

Emily said...

When does the auction end?

I'm bidding against my sister!

Surf Royalty Boys $142

Emily said...

Sorry to comment hog, but can we bid on any single item of clothing?

Heathersocks said...

$540 for all clothing. Great auction and wonderful cause!!!

Heathersocks said...

$560 for all clothing.

Dana said...

$100 Surf royalty Boys

allydru said...

$100 Sargent Fletcher girls

Candy said...

$130 Fleur des Champs.

Teresa Foo said...

I just saw this Nie Nie Day Auction. I hope I'm not too late!

$130 All the books.

Good + Happy Day... said...

$150 for all the books. Patricia Fuentes Burns, Good + Happy Day

Emily said...

$175 for all the books.

discourseanddesign said...


Congratulations to Emily and Heather and thank you sooo much for all of your kindness and support.

The Auction is officially closed and I will be contacting you with next steps by the end of the day!

discourseanddesign said...

Oops, I should say congratulations to Emily, Emily and Sarah!

Anonymous said...

Thank you for your support! When you finalize your totals for your auction, can you email the grand total to where we are collecting totals for the many auctions that took place. Thanks again!

discourseanddesign said...

Congrats to the Winners...

Meta, You Won the Like a Bike...Please email me and let me know how to reach you ( need an email address please !! )

Thank you!

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