Monday, August 18, 2008

Amy Keroes & Mommy trackd

One of the best things about starting a company is the people you get to meet and work with. 
Starting a business is so much hard AND so much more rewarding then I ever thought. 
I would not trade it for anything...I want to start posting a bit more on the amazing people that I have gotten to meet and work with...So many people come to mind..This week, Amy Keroes from Mommy Trackd. Stayed tuned, this will be fun. 

Ok, back to Amy and her amazing website..Mommy trackd
Amy and I met and worked together briefly back at The Gap, in the late 90s. While we did not really get to know each other then, there were so many people who I adored that knew her well. I was thrilled when our partner Tina called her late last fall..When we had the chance to meet near our store in Corte Madera I could not believe her energy, passion and honesty and wanted to sit and spend the afternoon talking and listening. 
As someone who slowly transitioned out of the corporate world after having kids, and building her website and then plunged into her own business venture she was so full of energy, insights and most of all support. Her direct style and ability to laugh and learn from everything immediately drew me to her. As women who were all struggling with the same challenges, focusing on family, learning about motherhood, finding our way towards a work life that had meaning, connecting and mentoring other women we all had a lot in common. 

Which brings me to today. Amy, our friend Nancy at Chronicle books ( another intro that Amy was kind enough to make ) and we are having a fun fall event...the goal-to help support each others business and to help spread the word about what each of us are doing. 
With a shared vision and focus on parenting, mothering, balancing, learning and laughing we came together with some simple and fun events for fall...

To Amy, many many thanks for making this a reality and for the support and guidance...
To Nancy, we so appreciate your passion and support-stick with us, it will be a fun journey. 

To all of you, check it out, sign up and best of luck and don't forget to come join us at one of our events!

We will be posting the event details once within the week!

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