Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Chapter Two The thoughtful Blogger

I am beginning to notice a few themes seem to come to mind when I sit down in front of the computer each morning. First, I think about this blogging world, and it is truly an online journal..A place to hold and share things that inspire, a place to give thanks and reflect and a place to pause and connect with some of the amazing experiences in life. 
So interesting to me that years ago ( and for quite some time ) I was more interested in the art of the aquisition. Thinking that something was going to add to or change who I was, how I looked or felt. Don't get me wrong, a great shoe or bag is always nice to have, but I realize now how little I want or need...

What I do have and am thankful for is an amazing family, a loving and insightful husband, a desire to grow and develop, the opportunity to meet some fantastic people, an appreciation for beauty, a mind to inspire and a desire to give thanks, a love of travel and exploration of the world around us and a need for creativity.

As I think more about all that is in my mind, it comes to me that some themes for regular blogging would be fun. With some other ideas that come to mind, I can easily incorporate them into the list below! Stay tuned, I promise it will be fun..

*Giving Thanks { self explanatory-see yesterdays post! }
*Family Life { musings and learnings from day to day }
*The Great House Caper { As a current renter, and hopeful homeowner to be in a few years }
saving up ideas for what our dream house may look like...There are SOOO many great ideas large and small. 
*Fabulous Finds { Can be anything, though these days seems to have a bit of a low budget theme! }
*Great Escapes { Fabulous outings, trips and dream getaways }
*Meet & Greet { Amazing people met along the way }
*Art of the Start { Life in a start up }

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