Sunday, June 15, 2008

Happy Father's Day...
How to celebrate and honor the Father's in our lives. 
Scott, an open and emotionally present father. His love, understanding, quest for knowledge and growth, sense of adventure, enthusiasm for life and capacity for unconditional and unending love is to be treasured. As I watch him with the kids, and in the moments that they are not together there is one thing in his heart. A deep and real desire to provide a consistent and loving place where the kids know no end to the love he feels, the comfort to experience and express any emotion, to love with no limits, to explore, to fail, to be. Keep on this path and journey, your gifts are endless. 
To my own Dad, through our years of sadness and heartache there is only one thing that I am sure of. The love that I feel for him is deep. It is this that allows me to keep trying to understand, to seek a moment of pause and reflection and to give voice to what we have and what we likely lost. There is much in the past that makes me seek, at times more then most, the approval, recognition and love from him. I can say this, I know underneath it all, that he truly loves me and my brother. From his own childhood, and years of taking care of others, he learned how to hold in his own emotions and hopes and look to make others happy. When he is with family, he lights up and his desire is to truly connect. For that love and for all of the difficult times he experienced, I am grateful. 

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