Monday, April 20, 2009

Summer Is in the Air

Yesterday was a lovely day ( or so I hear :) ) and Summer is in the Air. After a little ( and I do mean little...outing on Saturday ) I had to make sure I stayed mostly horizontal yesterday. So while my adorable and loving husband made us all a gourmet breakfast and took our daughter ( he is such a trooper ) to an early showing of Hannah Montana I hung out with the boys and played Scrabble at home. A few hours later, a friend came by with her son ( a good friend of our oldest's ) and brought with her some favorite mags. Hours later, when the Mr. took the kids to the pool and enjoyed an afternoon of swimming and ice cream, I took a virtual trip to some wonderful pools, beaches and gardens through the pages of said magazines.

Here was one of the treasures I laid my eyes on...A few years ago, knows as J. Harper Poor Cottages, this charming inn, Baker House 1650 has now added a lovely pool. The wisteria and outdoor areas took my breath away, Enjoy, even if only as I did, virtually.

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