Monday, April 13, 2009

home workspace

As you might know, spending a bit more time working from home. Have always loved a place in the home, away from everything else for writing notes, doing some creative work, and housing inspirational books and tear sheets.
I have learned over time to keep the space clean and organized and stocked with favorite pencils, a giant note pad fantastic note cards. With some simple tools for keeping things organized, the space provides a tranquil spot to recharge. Even for a few minutes each day.

Love this how to from Martha Stewart
Thanks to Design Mom for sharing

Favorites supplies found here...
Great Note Pads
Fantastic Pencils
Simple notecards from Carrot & Press
Darling Stationary from Austin Press
Mini Diaries

Add some favorite and inspiring books, black and white photos and some art from a flea market, ebay or a favorite etsy seller.

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chelsea said...

Oh, that I was that organized! You are amazing! Hope you are holding up OK:)

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