Friday, April 3, 2009

Happy to be home

Happy to be home, albeit it on bedrest for ??? weeks or days the last 12 hours have been another lesson in change and taking life as it comes. Yesterday afternoon, was a bit hard to think about following the Dr's orders and imagining what the next days and weeks would look like. With the couch bed set up downstairs, fresh flowers and a pitcher of water it was quite a lovely little refuge on any other day. Coming home though, and thinking about what I would normally be doing in the late afternoon with the kids, working later in the evening on the computer and just hanging out with the Mr. took a bit of reflection. This morning, some how it started to connect.

There is a reason for all of this I can't help but think, another reason to sit and recognize that life is evolving again.
Having an opportunity to slow down, and connect with the changes in our life, surrender a bit and not be in control, realize how to connect with the people in our lives and not just be doing all the time is actually a welcome gift.
Of course I have come up with some thoughts for the next few can I let go at work, but be of help in some way; taking the time to really connect with the Mr. and the kids when we are together, reading a stack of books that I have had for awhile ( and of course ordering a few new ones ) getting in touch with some friends I have not kept up with, posting tons of stuff on this blog that I have been carrying around for ages, queing up a list of movies on blockbuster that I have always wanted to see and waiting hopefully for 4-6 weeks for these amazing girls to arrive. Imagining life with them...

Here is to the next adventure....and the first book on my reading list! The Little Bee by Chris Cleave ( thank you T ! )

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Joslyn said...

i am so glad things are going well. i know how hard it is to sit still and let others do things for you...i'm not a sit still kind of gal either. but this is good. think of it this way, you'll get caught up on all your reading and movie watching before the twins arrive!

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