Sunday, December 28, 2008

New Years Thoughts

Although New Year's Eve is often a time of resolutions ( this year we have something else planned...stay tuned..) for a few years I have tried to take the week between Christmas and New Years as a time with family and friends and a time to recharge. Since so many others are off, I don't feel the worry of being out of touch from the office, and work to dos. Of course things go through my mind, but I try and push them away and am always amazed at how much more thougthful, focused and motivated I then am when I get back to work. This year, for many reasons, no vacation, but time at home with the kids-day trips and adventures and some real down time.

This is often the time that I think back on how I am living, spending time, with whom, and taking care of self and family. A time to get some perspective.

Saw this ages ago ( and I am sorry to say, I don't remember where ) captured beautifully, in words and form a lovely way to live..
Enjoy and Live what you Love.
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