Friday, December 19, 2008

A Gift idea and a little self promotion

Catching up late yesterday on some blogs, was thrilled when I read Design Mom and she had not only a great holiday idea for gift giving, but also was suggesting that Santa head over to our on line sale and shop. ( Seriously, the prices are crazy !! )

So back to the idea...Gabrielle and her husband have a few simple ideas for gifts for the gifts for the kids; something to read, something to wear and something to play. At Black Eiffel this morning ( another regular read! ) the idea was lovely...Something for each in your family as follows; Want, Need, Wear, Read....

We shall now adopted these wonderful ideas as well!!

PS. Since I am clearly weaving a bit of promotion into todays post, want to also mention that we started our Semi Annual 50% off sale today in our 7 stores...Since EVERYONE is in need of spending a bit less this season, we thought it best to start a bit earlier then planned. Truly, these are some great deals....

Image and original post from Dandee a new blog to read!

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