Monday, December 29, 2008

Live what you Love

As we start a New Year, one simple thought for me and for all of us to live by.

First seen in an ad, this Etsy seller, Hijirik Studio on
SF Girl by the Bay ( a weekly read ) I ordered this for a friend in Black and White, framed it and gave as a simple gift. After I got the first one, ordered 4 more, 3 as gifts and one for a simple reminder everyday.


Joslyn said...

i love this notion amy...i'm going to seriously strive for this in 2009

marta said...

oh my, seriously beautiful.

tracey clark said...

amen to this!!

Hijiri said...

Hi Amy!

Thank you so much for the mention!! I am so happy to hear that!!

I have more colors available at my shop now if you have a second, please stop by again!

Happy New Year!

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