Sunday, October 12, 2008


Having a little fall love fest with my adopted city of San Francisco. Over the last few weeks, I have been amazingly fortunate to have reconnected with some old friends, and our meeting spots have been some SF treasures that are somewhat new to me. 
After living in SF, back in 1989 and missing New York desperately, I moved back to the City. Working for a SF based company for the next 14 years, I was back and forth to SF a few times a month, but never quite got the city. Now, almost 20 years later, I am officially living in the Bay Area and here to stay. Married, with 3 stepchildren and a business we started a few years ago, SF is my newly adopted city. 
This time around ( for so many reasons...) I am loving so many people, places and things. I find myself reconnecting with old friends, enjoying adventures in and around the city, and really connecting with a few people that I could really imagine having lasting friendships with. 

Yesterday afternoon, I met an old friend for coffee at a fantastic little spot, that likely every SF native knows about...Tartine Bakery is absolutely devine...Every cookie, pudding, baked good, almond croissant and afternoon snack is both delightful to look at, and amazingly good. 
If you can not make it there...Check out their fantastic cookbook. The photos will inspire you to start baking..And, I might add, what a wonderful way to spend a Sunday morning. 


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