Friday, October 24, 2008

Perfect Fall Weekend

Not sure where the months are going, last weekend was ours to embrace Fall. 
We had wanted to go apple picking for a few weeks, and last week, it all just fell into place..

It was one of those weekends that was just perfect...Saturday morning at the farmers market and then off to spend the day with our close friends. We drove up the coast ( highway 1 ) which is pretty spectacular any time of year, and then, off to apple picking with the kids. The kids were so excited and had so much fun it was crazy to see. Spending the day with their little friend Mr. D, is always a blast and today was no different..Running around in the orchard, picking and piling up bags of apples..Next up, my fun loving husband put our oldest in the wheelbarrow and after some individual rides, a new game was invented. Somehow, our amazing friend Jo, who I am always going on about, captured all of these moments on film. 
Her  husband was the best sport ever as the group wheelbarrow rides began ( and I might add, as someone who cycles about 30 miles a day, the only one truly qualified for the job )

A little picnic and some performances by the kids as the sun began to fall, and then after to dinner at a local spot for some delicious dinner and pie. ( If you make your way to Pescadero, check out Duartes, it is worth the trip )
Inspired by the pies from the night before, and wanting to spend Sunday morning in the kitchen ( and our PJ's ) we baked up some truly delicious apple pie ( thank you t. ) 

Can't wait to see what this fall weekend brings....Enjoy yours!
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