Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Knitting Class

Love the fall season....there are so many ways to welcome and connect with each season, and as I get older and perhaps think more through the eyes of our kids, I find myself thinking more about the simple and fun ways to enjoy each day and time of year. 
Our daughter whose enthusiasm for life, learning and doing is quite contagious had asked me to teach her to knit a few months ago after she found a pile of yarn and some knitting needles. Inspired by an article I had ready about the simplicity of creating something, and a woman who decided to make and master only scarves, I first picked up some supplies with a friend and we taught ourselves some basic stitches. 
Months ago, as we were going to spend the day with Scott's parents, her interest in learning the craft was sparked again. Seeing she and her grandmother knitting on the couch was truly a moment. She was excited to learn, as one of her close friends and one of her cousins both have mastered basic knitting!

So now, as we get ready to spend more time indoors, thinking it is the perfect time to sign she and a friend up for a kids knitting class...Yesterday found the perfect place, and signed her up!
Can't wait to see what she makes....Think I shall brush up on my knitting skills too and perhaps expand to scarves and blankets...

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