Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Wanderlust- Korakia Pensione

So far, Bed rest has been going pretty well. After a few false alarms late last week though, I was a bit antsy this weekend, and found myself longing to get out and explore the world. Over the last few weeks, having kept surprisingly busy with work ( doing mostly creative design and development work ), personal and over due to do's and connecting a bit with old friends I have not thought much about travels outside the home. With family and our new additions on my mind, continued awareness about the importance of staying connected to what is in my heart and building a rich life with my husband, a feeling of peace and contentment.

I did start to think about family trips, a few romantic getaways with the Mister and the thought of our kids, or us travelling or living abroad at some point in the future. Wouldn't you know, I came across a few places as I flipped through magazines this weekend, some that we had been to and some on the list for the future.

So here we go...
Korkia Pensione in Palm Springs..Scott and I spent a long weekend here in the late fall. One word-Heaven. With stylish and really reasonably priced rooms this should be a must on every ones list of romantic getaways.

The recipe for the perfect weekend
-Reservations and simple packing-dresses, shoes, mag/book, sunglasses
-Drive and arrive early Friday morning
-Relax and Hang by the pool, play games, retire to your room
-Dinner in town
-Morning wake up, coffee, fruit and paper outdoors
-Morning Yoga ( complimentary at the hotel 0
-Hiking in Joshua Tree
-Drinks and Dinner under the stars at the Parker
-Morning, wake up and repeat-breakfast and yoga
-Leisurely drive home.

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