Thursday, January 1, 2009

Over the last few days, have reflected so much on things..our life, family, work and gave some thought to how I wanted to spend 2009..sitting quietly and writing helped me to think through everything that was in my mind..bear with me!

1. Live what you Love
I saw as you know this beautiful quote a month or so ago. As I get older, there is a grace and humility in connecting with who and what you love and living accordingly. Knowing that following my heart, facing my fears, taking responsibility for my own actions instead of focusing on those of others allows me to truly be.
-Develop a stronger connection to my family
-Reconnect with old friends
-Spend time with family and friends more regularly.
-Build our company as we completely imagined it to be.
-Be realistic about what we/I can do well and focus.
-Pursue creative passions
-Speak from the heart

2. Live simply
Over the years, I have bought, coveted, aquired many things. As I spend time with my family and friends, and in my home, I realize that I have more then I could ever use and much more then we need. This year, I would like to truly enjoy the material things I have; the clothes not often worn, book not yet read, photographs still to be hung. Aside from things for the kids, my goal is to buy little to nothing. Read the piles of books, wear the closet full of clothes, play the games we have and truly appreciate the beauty that is already in our home ( and garage! )
As I get older, there is a beauty in simplicity and the things that
-Don't buy any more clothes for myself for 6 months!
-Read all of the books I have.
-Make use of what is stored in the garage/closets when we move this Spring/Summer.
-Unless it is for the kids, question the need.

3. Laugh Often
Don't really need to expand on this point!

4. Learn
Life is about learning, experiencing and growing..there are many things I would love to learn more about but think there is a beauty in picking a few and truly exploring and understanding
-A simple home based yoga and pilates practice. As I get older, I appreciate how much a daily practice of yoga or pilates can do-both mentally and physically. 20-30 minutes of focused time is all I need to begin. I would love create my own daily practice at home . The studio that I love in town is easier for me to visit on the weekends!
-How to be a better photographer

5. Practice Wellness
There are some simple things that make a world of difference in how I feel. Not sure why it seems easier ( habit? ) to fall back to other patterns, but want to incorporate these into my new routines.
-Develop some simple routines-drink water, choose foods that are nourishing, bring my lunch to work, pack a snack
take a daily walk, take a hike twice a month, practice yoga/pilates twice a week.
-Spend time with inspiring people.

This picture is from our amazing honeymoon in Belize last year. Would LOVE to go there again!


LobotoME said...

love your goals!

Laura said...

Love your site! The boys room photo looks so cozy and fun. I'm enjoying the links you've chosen and will check back often. Thanks!

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