Sunday, January 25, 2009

Decorating Dreams

Starting to think about the Nursery and have been compiling a bunch of ideas. Seem to wake up in the middle of the night with this on my mind ( along with a list of less exciting business and personal to dos!. We will need to move sometime in May so I have no idea what the room or house will look like but hard not to think more about. Here we go so far..

Amazing Bedding and those adorbable elephants by Rikshaw Design...from the minute I found this boehmian bedding via Decor 8 I have been a dreaming about it.

An chalkboard reframed in a fab old vintage frame after a trip to the Alameda Flea Market early one Sunday morning, this will be the perfect project for my father in law. He is signed up for one of the fantastic oversized bulletin boards he makes so beautifully as well.

With this great Love Poster from Made by Girl resting a top an expedit Bookcase from Ikea and some other great framed artwork and photos yet to be taken we will be all set.
Piles of books already read to our three kids, jellycat stuff animals and other treasures will be a part of this fun little world.

A white oversized rocker or glider ( yet to be found at the right price ) and this cool elephant side table from twos company ( found on Amazon for less then $ 100.00 )

Lastly these simple cribs from Ikea ( yes, we need two!! )

Still on the lookout for a few things ( changing table, great rug ) and trying to keep our project within a tight budget ( have a few tricks up my sleeve ) please pass along any ideas you might have!!
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