Monday, January 4, 2010


Came across this wonderful talent ages ago, and keep checking back to see if and when her etsy shop will be stocked. No news yet :( Love these coasters as inspiration for a simple party invite for the girls. I am a fan of simple, old fashion birthday parties and all things lovingly and handmade.

Something about these is lovely.
PS. The girls are 8 months old today, and I must be thinking about how to celebrate all the small wonderful moments that are going by way to fast.

Sunday, January 3, 2010


Was looking at a few blogs late last night and stumbled on this one, Aubrey Road. Love the her style, taste and the simplicity...laughed when I saw her post with the Sarinnen table as that is what we all gather round in the morning for breakfast and coffee with the exact same chairs..

Plus, how can you not love this quote



Love starting the New Year with some what will now be a new regular read. Enjoy!

Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy New Year...

I was taking a moment yesterday afternoon, just to rest and recharge. Since the house was filled with the sounds of the family, my "resting moments were spent on the computer reading some favorite blogs..quickly coming to Jordan's Happy New Year's post.
Struck by how similar our thoughts were..both about the week between the holidays and the New Year itself.

First off, I have always loved the week between the holiday's. In the past often going away and spending time recharging. Over the last few years, often using it as a week to hang out with the family in a way that is only possible at this time of year, taking stock and getting organized. In years past, the busy weeks leading up to the holidays, had a very different tone. Thinking so much about gifts for the kids, the holiday plans and running around to holiday events and parties with the kids. Over the last few years, work topics weighing heavily on my mind, and occupying my thoughts.
This year in the weeks leading up to the holidays were totally different. A personal and work routine that had a totally different rythym, a decision with my husband to seriously lessen the amount of gifts, and choosing to participate in only the things that had real meaning for us and for the kids. I am sure as well, the thoughts of what rituals we wanted to create with the girls were burried deep in my mind, but in simply following my heart, it became a time of letting go and becoming.

A few weeks ago, Walking into our packed garage, filled with "Stuff" from years past. Too many clothes, books that no longer inspired as they had, gifts that while thoughtful, did not really get used, paperwork that no longer needed to be held onto and some things that no longer had a place in our home or my heart.
I was finally ready to let go and I did.
One day, during this time, I woke up and started thinking about all the things that I needed and wanted to do, that I had not completed. Making a list the next morning, in the early hours, I worked over the last few days to take care of the have to do's and with 1 thing pending, know that I will get it all done in the next few days. It feels really good.

Next up, reaching out to some people that I had wanted to connect with, but for a variety of reasons, did not in the final months of the year as planned.

Finally a small list of things that I wanted to do at the beginning of the year to start the year off right...

So, as I think about 2010 my thoughts and hopes are simple..some carry over from 2009, a year of great learning.
Clean, Simple, Clear..A year of few things and focus on the lessons I have learned from years gone by.

1. Live what I love-Continue to speak from the heart, spend quality time with friends and family and connect with those that I love, spend time doing what is important to me and our family.
Let go as needed...of things, people and relationships that after honest conversations and deep exploration.
2. Enjoy simple pleasures-Fresh flowers at home, weekly trips to the farmers market and healthy food, daily excercise and water!
3. Don't overcommit and take care of what is needed at the time..making dr's apts, dealing with something know the drill..It allows me to then be totally present in what is really important.
4. Become a student-
Learn and truly practice Yoga...found a great Bikram studio nearby and love their learning philosophy. Over the years as I've dabbled in Yoga and Pilates, Bikram was the one form of yoga that I loved.
Take a photography class-waiting for the Spring schedule from Susannah Conway and a class my husband discovered nearby
5. Live the good life ( borrowed the term from Jordan! )
Wear the beautiful clothes I do have ( and not think about adding to my closet! ) everyday..learn a simple and elegant makeup routine and use it daily ( think I am on my way here..finally, at the age of 41 !) play music and light candles at home ( again, carrying this over from was wonderful. ) and enjoy the art of cooking with My Husband and for our family. Have causal parties for friends and family. Take time to read during the of the many books in our home library and eventually from the local library which is fantastic.

Here is to a wonderful New Year..filled with love, laughter and learning...

Image from Letteria, which I originally saw on Poppytalk

Thursday, December 31, 2009

Happy New Year!

The kids could not be more excited about the idea of staying up until midnight..I could not be more thankful for the amazing year full of love, learning and incredible friends. A year ago, I could never have imagined all that this year would bring, and the friends and community that I would find on line as well. There is so much to reflect on, be grateful for and connect with..and have found moments over the last few weeks to do just that. Over the next few hours and long weekend, more reflection, connecting and thinking about what 2010 might bring and what I hope it will be all about.
As I learned clearly in 2009, love, laugh and truly live what you love.

Image from Martha Stewart

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

A New Look..for a New Year?

Love the week between Christmas and the New Year...hanging out with family, playing simple board games, reflecting on the year and thinking about all that the coming days and months have in store. For some reason, always a favorite time to get organized, take stock and regroup.

For some reason, as I think about the days and months ahead, love the idea of a fresh updated hairstyle..Keep seeing this photo ( of one of my favorite women..) and wondering if there is ANY way I can pull off the hairstyle...

Can't remember the original source of the photo..but the lovely Vanessa reposted

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

My Bread

A little late to the party no doubt, but read about this book ( and do miss some of my old NY Favorites...Sullivan Street Bakery is one :)
and was thrilled when it appeared under the tree.

The book got rave reviews when it came out, and for some reason over the last few months, a number of people recommended it.
Have been doing a bit of baking during the holiday break, and looking forward to more in the New Year.
This week..have earmarked a few recipes from this treasure of a book. What better then fresh bread, foccacia and pizza's in the winter months ahead. The perfect Sunday activity.

You can get My Bread from Amazon of course!

Monday, December 28, 2009

A Sweet Ride

I can not wait to ride this little beauty to the farmers market next Saturday..and every Saturday there after.
The girl and I already have plans...and thank you to Mr. W we are dreaming up other jaunts around town.
I can picture a pile of books in the back and cycling home from the library...a picnic in the park...

The picture does not do it justice. It is a treasure and I am quite sure we will be smiling from ear to ear riding it around town.
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